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With its main headquarter in the heart of Miami, and many sub agents located in Florida and Georgia, Centennial Realty Group has succeeded in forming a wide base of multi-city satisfied clients, through its team of experienced property consultants, trained to find the target of every request and achieve a high satisfaction rate from their clients.


Centennial Realty Group mainly aims to provide legal and real-estate services in an honest and straight forward way, by understanding the client’s need and offering suitable projects from the most professional developers in Florida and Georgia, in addition to after sales services, from renting your property or re-selling it, to obtaining a residency in Florida or Georgia. Centennial Realty Group has been growing day by day with its expert executives and its consultancy team. And we can proudly say that we are exclusive agents for many developers, who allow our sales managers to join the sales offices of construction companies to ensure our customers the best and most credible deals and offers .

Why us?

Whether you are a real estate agent looking to be part of a results-driven company or a client seeking for an expert to find your next home, you are certain to appreciate the numerous services and benefits that our theme of top ranked realtors provides.

Our Vision

We at Centennial Realty Group believe in trust and loyalty, this is why we have created a special program for local buyers to find the best local realtor, get approved for a home loan and obtain money back after closing. At Centennial will guide you and help you connect you with an outstanding real estate agent in your neighborhood. We have the Top Ranked Realtors in Miami, FL.

Our mission is to redefine real estate in the customer’s favor.

Centennial Realty Group got its start inventing map-based search.

Everyone told us the easy money was in running ads for traditional brokers, but we couldn’t stop thinking about how different real estate would be if it were designed from the ground up, using technology and totally different values, to put customers first.

So we joined forces with agents who wanted to be customer advocates, not salesmen.

Since these were our own agents, we could survey each customer on our service and pay a bonus based on the review.

We deepened our technology beyond the initial search to make the home tour, the listing debut, the escrow process, the whole process, faster, easier and worry-free.

And we gave customers more value, not just by saving each thousands in fees, but by investing in every home we sell, by measuring our performance and improving constantly.

This is how real estate would be if it were designed just for you, because, well, it was.

Experienced Agents

You don’t need to know everything about buying and selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional who does. Henry Ford once said that when you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are. The trick is to find the right person. For the most part, they all cost roughly the same, so why not hire a person with more education and experience than you? We’re all looking for more precious time in our lives, and hiring pros gives us that time.


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Alissa and Pete
Saved $6,500 USD buying with a Centennial Agent in San Diego, CA

“Buying with Centennial was a triple win: The website was easy to use, the way we set up home tours was efficient, and we even got money back at the end.”

Full-Service Agents, Modern Technology

We’re full-service, local agents who get to know you over coffee and on home tours, and we use online tools to make you smarter and faster.