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Flor Núñez and Virginia Núñez among Real Estate, television and tables mother and daughter alternate their lives

Flor Núñez and Virginia Núñez among Real Estate, television and tables mother and daughter alternate their lives

Flor Núñez and Virginia Núñez among Real Estate, Television and Corporate Jobs mother and daughter alternate their lives. Miami-. Being one of the first actresses most recognized of Venezuelan television, winner of numerous awards and recognition. Flor Núñez, have been living in Miami since 2003, ventured into the world of Real Estate, to provide help and guidance to all new  immigrants; especially to Venezuelans moving and residing in South of Florida.  Flor has committed herself with this cause and is working with her daughter Virginia Nunez. Here fits the saying “Son of cat hunts mouse”, since Virginia followed the artistic footsteps of the remembered “Pastora Lara Portillo”, in the telenovela broadcast by RCTV “El Desprecio”, role played by her mother who has over 40 years of career with more than 30 productions. She also Virginia Nunez, internationalized career in productions for Venevisión Productions, Nickelodeon Latin America and recently in Telemundo, the soap opera “Land of Kings”.

Additionally to those great successes Virginia Nunez graduated and became is a digital marketing instructor for Udemy, and a future instructor at LinkedIn Learning. She has worked for several local companies from different industries achieve their goals in a short period of time. She worked with a vast and widely known clientele, in the Miami Market providing digital marketing training to non-experienced marketing professionals. She is also the author of “Guía Rapida y efectiva para el éxito de Instagram” a short and effective Guide for Real estate Agents’ success.

Flor Nuñez and Virginia Nunez  alternate theater, television and corporate jobs with this new facet as a Co-owners of “Centennial Realty Group”, a real estate company created by Venezuelans for Venezuelans and other immigrants looking for the right opportunity to buy a house under the correct guidance and information. They both connected and partner with Juan Carlos Mejia, a successful Real Estate Agent and Broker for over 15 years in the Miami Market. The combinations of patriotism, knowledge, expertise and passion for helping others, makes helps this company standout from its competitors.


flor nunez, virginia nunnez

The idea of forming part of the world of Real Estate?

-It came from personal experience when we moved from our native Venezuela. We brought savings for growing future in this country and we have much disinformation and agents without training or experience, which failed to give proper guidance. Then we continue to see how very few people could go ahead and establish investment due to lack of information and guidance, most Venezuelans.

It is then when we know and we decided to join Juan Carlos Mejia, who has already more than 15 years as an expert of real estate helping first time buyers and low-income families to obtain their dream house and buy a property. With his knowledge and experience, they have helped dozens of families achieve their goals and buy their primary home and event invest on secondary homes as a source of passive income.

How they alternate action and real roots? 

-When we are not rehearsing or assembling pieces for travel, we are orienting to friends and referred to as well as the number of people seeking loans or even Title Company for closing their contracts either by phone or through a personal appointment. We organize ourselves and delegated to each expert.  What is the main purpose of “Centennial Realty Group”?  -Help Hispanics in South Florida to be informed correctly about the possibilities of purchase and types of loans available to them to help with their expenses since we do not charge Commission for guidance nor…

What do you offer Venezuelans through your company?

– Especially to Venezuelans or any Latino in Miami we offer free consultation 24/7 .  We understand there is a lack of professionalism and information from most Real Estate Agents and we are committed to guide and help those buyers for them to find the best deal. If 24/7, we are never closed, we work every day and at all times we are available for any concerns or queries. It is also important to know that for vendors only the basic office fee is charged at the time of closure nothing additional. Everything is free and we can help you with closing costs important thing when buying.

How can you locate them and request their advice and services?

-You can contact us directly at (954)854-6668 (305)775-3123 a our Instagram pages @centennialrealtygroup we receive text messages and emails addressed to Juan Carlos Mejía, who is the real estate expert and will guide you step by step.

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