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Virginia Nunez

Virginia Nuñez

Co-Owner / Marketing Analyst at Centennial Realty Group

Dynamic marketing professional, and trainer.

She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the USA in 2003. She Currently resides in Miami, Florida and provides training to Spanish speakers marketers aiming to carry on my legacy to the Hispanic community, She provides online training to non-experienced marketing professionals. This has helped her become a leader in her field.

She is currently a digital marketing instructor for Udemy, and a future instructor for LinkedIn Learning.

She has worked for several local companies in different industries helping them achieve their marketing goals in short periods of time. She considers herself an overachiever.

She is the author of “911 Instagram” Guide to Success for Realtors on Instagram . The Blueprint, formulas, and other easy strategies in the Restoration Business.

When She is not immersed in the universe of marketing, She spends most of her time training for marathons. Whatever time is left she spends it reading new books into the marketing field and growing her other businesses. “When people ask me for the recipe to success I always maintain the same philosophy: Dedication + Commitment = Success”

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